One of the most controversial themes of our days are the unconventional sources of energy, especialy some of them.
Hereby I would like to present one, may be wrong and/or false point of view to this theme.

Highly appreciated today is the energy of the wind!?

What is "WIND"? We speak about wind if air moves but do not put ourselves the question why does air move and what are the results / scope of this moving. To often we judge the wind by according importance only to a secondary effect, the destruction of constructions not realy adapted to the local since hundreds of years known conditions. All this only due to the human incapacity to learn from heappenings.

According to all what I know, this, the wind, is a process of energy regulation in nature, the wind transports energy from where there is to much to a place where is less energy contributing on this way to the natural energetic / climatic equilibrium on the planet.
Now the ecologists and their (sponsoring) friends come and put in the way of the wind some "big wind mills" to make what they call "clean energy". At the very first instant it might appear as correct but is it really so?
If wind blows from a point "A" to point "B" it wants, as yet told, to (re)establish a natural state of equilibrium. Now we are comming and on the winds way from point "A", appealing to the "wind mills" rob a part of the energy witch will be missed in point "B" and so, as a direct consequence the natural equilibrium will never occur!? Is this not a direct, major and unqualified intervention in the process of climatic regulation? Is the electrical energy provided on this way really clean? What do we really know about climatic regulation? Do we really know the mechanism of climatic regulation? Be honest to yourselfs and forget, at least for a moment the political and economical interests of the moment.

An other very "chancefull" sort of enrgy is the solar energy!?

Scientists of the day discovered many places on Earth with many, many sunny days, empty places, the best ones to put there many, many solar panels of different sorts and create "clean energy"!? Really clean??

The meant places are desserts. What are desserts? Desserts are places on Earth, parts of our actual natural environment, where the last few thousand years was NO shade and the whole incident solar energy was absorbed by Earth and is / was a direct contribution to the existing (since a very long time)natural climatic equilibrium on Earth. Now are comming we, the scientists, and put there millions of solar panels witch give us solar energy transformed in electrical energy with a miserable efficiency but in the very same time are creating very eficient shade on surfaces where shade never was before robbing the planet the almost whole energy supplied by the sun and used before by the planet on a direct and natural way.

Is this not an other direct, major and unqualified intervention in the process of climatic regulation? Is the electrical energy provided on this way really clean?

Put as many as possible solar panels on the existing roofs but do not touch the deserts and other places where there never was shade before!?

- Do we really know witch can be the influences of our interventions for long time?
- Do we really know how much energy we are aloud to rob without influencing the   natural processes?
- Do we have enough information about a phenomena like climate is to declare "we are   sure that we do not influence. . . ?
- Do we really know the climatic regulation process?

Be honest and forget the momentary political and economical interests of our days. Are you doing something else than "supposing that"?
Here I also only expressed some suppositions, nothing else.

This is why I say:

- Forget "wind energy"!
- Do not speak about wave energy on sea.
- Forget the tide energy on seashore.
- Forget the energy of oceanic currents.

About one thing I am sure, leaving them as they are we will not make any damage!

By making intervetions on wind and other "unconventional(unknown)sources of energy" You will only destroy existing ecosystems grown in thousands of years!?

We do not need more energy, we do not have to save energy, we only have to stop scattering!