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0) - Definition of the:

"Financial products & Co."
As a very general definition we may say that for/in the financial world most of the modern US-Made
so called "financial products" are nothing else than what cancerous cells are for/in human body.

A few examples: Short sales, Certificates, Derivate, various funds (like "hedge fund"), rating
               agency and the whole palette of "procedures" connected with them.

The most beautiful of all is what we call "Rating agency"!? An association of non having capital persons
wanting to mix up something in the financial world!? They learned to speak, to wear clothes and to have
a good scenic appearance to fool/blend people. There is only one question:

Who gave them the right and the qualification to judge upon others and their destiny,
up to entire countries??

In reality they are only insignificant nobodies from nowhere, only poor gambling and betting bureaus with a
"financial profile" but of a very primitive and cheap sort and cannot even be called to be speculators!?

Maybe financial worms?

How poor must be somebody to believe them?

Posted on 30.05.2010

1) - Definition of the:

"Virtual(cyber) clone" = the graphical representation (3D phopto) of a DNA donor on a monitor screeen obtained by
using a special, not yet existing(?) computer program based on the interpretation of the information stored in the DNA!

2) - Definition of the:

"Black hole" = the place in space where ALL the oscilations (waves) arrive as pairs and fulfil the following conditions:

  • every part of a pair is comming from the oposite direction of his pair (180º)
  • the elements of a pair have the same frequency and amplitude
  • the elements of a pair arrive with a phase difference of (Pi)
The result:
  • a place from where no oscilation is escaping (going out), oscilation is stoped
  • the dynamic energy of the oscilation turns in a static form because of resulting:
      -amplitude 0
      -frequency 0
  • the quantity of the "static energy" grows
  • the density of the "static energy" grows
  • we get an energy field of inimaginable strength which "eats" everithing!
  • everything goes in but nothing comes out, this is a "Black hole"!
  • when the quantity and density of energy are big enough, under certain conditions
    there starts a new proces, the energy turns to what we call "material"
    with the consequence that a part of the energy becomes visible
  • a new star was born!
3) - Definition of the:

"History" (the common variant teached in schools)= A (pseudo)science which always remembers us who,
since when, why, has to beat whom!

4) - Definition of:

"Linux" = The shortest way (back) to Windows

5) - Definition of the:

"The "Adaptive Syndrom"" = is the behaviour of the human organism in witch this learns from current happenings or
regulate external long time actions/treatments and reacts in adequate mode.

What is meant by this?

For example one man has to take every day ASS /Aspirin (or Marcumar) to avoid/reduce blood
aggregation after an infarct(cerebral or cardiac). In time the organism observes that from
outside there regularly takes place an action with the named scope, to avoid/reduce the
blood aggregation. As a consequence it starts an "adaptive process" witch has as effect/result
that the organism starts to produce less specific blood particles with contribution to the natural
coagulation. One of the possible results can be the reduction of the thrombocytes concentration
in blood and unhappily the concomitant reduction of other blood particles as for example
By extrapolation this behaviour could be awaited to be manifested/observed on specific ways
as a consequence of different other treatments too.
The intensity of the manifestation of this behaviour can be very different from person to person,
from not observable to very intensive.

Is this possible or . . .?

6) - This time just a question:

Why does blood (fat) obstruct arteries locally more and not uniformly in the whole arteries?

Is it possible that the aggregation in arteries is a false reaction of certain blood elements
as a result of the existence of an false signal that "says" that at a certain place in the
arteries there is a "wound to be closed", something like a condensation nucleus, and then on
this place the aggregation of thrombocites is started/favoured with the consequence that
in time there appears an increased arterial obstruction?

Is this possible or . . .?

7) - This time just an other question:

What is/causes Leukemia and how is it threated?

As I did see in my brief, superficial and unqualified researches to the theme in most occasions the
different variants of Leukaemia are presented to be a consequence of a malicious structure and
defective functioning of the bone marrow witch has as consequence one of many different variants
of wrong blood analysis on witch we recognize the illness.
In almost all cases the therapy consists in chemotherapies fighting against the marrow illness.
Now I got curious by wanting to know WHAT determinates/causes the appearance of, leads to,
this malicious structure of marrow and his defective functioning. Is it not correct if I supose
that fighting against the marrow illness, witch I consider to be a secondary illness, is fighting
against a consequence/manifestation and only if we would fight against WHAT did lead to this
situation, this WHAT beeing what I presume to be the primary illness, the real cause of disease
would/could be eliminated?

Is this possible or . . .?

8) - It is time for a new question:

DNA and other. . .

after reading the extremely interesting book "Survival of the sickest" written by Mr. Sharon Moalem with
Johnathan Prince I discovered some questions such as (think to have done it, for me):

- Our biological world is dominated/built of organic materials based on Carbon.
- DNA is based/built about "nucleotides" which are based on Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Phosphorus!?
- DNA is controlling the biological Carbon dominated world. I would say/assume "Phosphorus" is controlling
the evolution!? Or is it the combination of O, N, H, P?
- Where from do "nucleotides" come?
- What creates them?
- What commands, determinates and controls, the production of new nucleotides, just in time, in the needed
quality and quantity required for the synthetizing of new, ever identical DNA during the division process of a
zygote and after?

Nothing comes from nothing!

By Marius Mos 14 April 2010 ©

9) - It is time for another new question:

Cummulative effect of drugs. . .

Do you think it is very unrealistic to assume that:

The effects of some drugs, such as citostatica for example, could under circumstances lead to "cummulative effects"?

Could it be possible that under certain circumstances at some patients you can administrate a total quantity of citostatica, all at once or in succesive parts without damaging the bone marrow but there exists a certain limit, individually different, whitch, if reached, determinates the existance of a special state, something like a sort of saturation, in witch adding a very litle more of active substance, citostatica, is enough to determine a totaly new state such as for example the total, definitive and irreversible modification/distruction of the bone marrow, like a trigger?
The cumulative/trigger effect of citostatica?
Is there a possibility to determine an individual "saturation limit" of the individual towards citostatica before administrating them?

By Marius Mos 25 August 2010 ©